Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chapter One

Chapter one discusses how important it is for young children to be exercising daily, as the book mentions childhood obesity has been on the rise, along with in school violence among young children and finally because obesity mostly in females are beginning to hit puberty at an earlier age.  The chapter briefly describes the benefits of what physical education can do for the needs and interests of children that is based on the developmental level of the individual.  As a teacher there are many different "aims" we have to follow, learning-to-move, learning-through-movement, and most important being physically educated.  As a teacher we also have different goals and objectives, this is what helps us with the teaching of phys ed.  We too have to remember that children are all unique in their own ways; with that said you have to think of different ways to teach what it is their trying to get out of it.  There are many fundamental movement skills that we all use every single day.  They are listed as Locomotion, Manipulation, and Stability, in almost every sport these in some way are being used.  For locomotion; there is a basic (one element) and a combination (two or more elements), the basic would include; walking, jumping, running, hopping, leaping, a combination would include; climbing, galloping, sliding, skipping.  For Manipulation, their categorized as propulsive and absorptive.  Propulsive would include; ball rolling, throwing, kicking, punting, striking, volleying, bouncing.  Absorptive would include; catching, and trapping.  Finally Stability, this is categorized under Axial and Static and dynamic postures.  Axial would include; benching, stretching, twisting, turning, swinging.  Static and dynamic postures would include; upright balances, inverted balances, rolling, starting, stopping, dodging.  All of these can be intertwined to be involved in any sport.  One being dance; dance uses almost all of the locomotion categories, while gymnastics use mostly stability, you have to be able to balance in gymnastics and in other sports too but gymnastics is a big one.  Our typical sports use mostly manipulation.  There are many more scenarios than these, these are just the basics.  As the chapter comes to a conclusion the thing to remember is that physical activities of any sort will help you maintain a healthy life in the future.  Our goal is to try and decrease obesity and increase physical activity!!

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