Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Physical Education Hall of Shame!

The Physical Education Hall of Shame was established in 1992, to help professionals take a closer look at themselves and to focus on developmentally and programmatically appropriate physical education, and to encourage professionals to strive toward structuring teaching classes.  In order to achieve the ultimate gals of physical, cognitive, and affective development of the students all this above is necessary.  the seven charter inductees from 1992 are dodgeball; Duck Duck Goose, Giants, Elves, and Wizards; kickball; Musical Chairs; relay races; Steal the Bacon-- are joined in the Hall of Shame by six new equally deserving members.  For instance, Duck Duck Goose could be on the Hall of Shame for many reasons, one may be because out of a group of kids there are only two kids running at one time while everyone else sits and waits for their turn, if they even ever get a chance to run.  A way to change Duck Duck Goose is to get everyone involved, a way to do this is to have five leaders and arrange everyone into five equal groups,  one person walks around just like in Duck Duck Goose, but instead of two people running, the whole group runs around and the last person to sit down is the new person that walks around the circle.  This is a good way to get everyone involved and everyone a chance to be "it".  It allows for a challenge too, to not be the last one sitting down.  Just a fun way to play Duck Duck Goose, in a new way!!

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