Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter Two

This is a girl being taught how to use a lacrosse stick.

In chapter two, Childhood Growth and Motor Development it gave us as PE students the basic idea on when children start walking, running, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping, reaching, grasping and releasing different equipment, etc.  Our main concentration for this chapter was to see if younger children in grades first and second are able to use equipment like hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, field hockey sticks, etc.  Throughout the reading I believe that children this young can be introduced to using different equipment.  As long as the teacher is providing a safe environment for children to use the different equipment I see no problem with it.  Children need to be introduced to different activities at a young age, in order to have the knowledge and the ability to perform the sport.  This doesn't mean give a seven year old a lacrosse stick and let them go full force with the stick, you as a teacher have to guide them and allow them to understand the right way and the wrong way to use the lacrosse stick.  We as physical educators have to remember that their motor characteristics, cognitive characteristics, and their affective characteristics are all developing at a slow rate.  We have to allow for different activities to develop these needs that young children have to develop.  There are many different views on this subject, but I believe that allowing young children to use different equipment will allow for developing the motor, cognitive, and affective. 
These are Asda Athletes playing Field Hockey.
Asda is a corporation that supports local champions.


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